xcontest.org/newzealand is NOW LIVE :)

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The PCC is proud to announce that xcontest.org/newzealand is now live as the platform for the New Zealand Cross Country Paragliding Championship.

Please head straight over there to check it out, and to log your flights during the coming season - it's all ready for you.

Thanks to MacPara NZ, the PCC did a random draw from all pilots who logged flights during the Beta-test phase, and the prize of a Spot Tracker was awarded to Jenna Hughes-Games.

Krushevo PG Open - an NZ overseas league

The Krushevo Open and Slovak National Paragliding Championship has been declared a NZ Overseas League - the results of which will count towards our National Ladder.

So far, five Kiwi pilots are confirmed and two are on the waiting list. Assuming that we have at least six pilots confirmed then this will be an overseas league, so sign up if you want to come.

National Paragliding Ladder Updated, since Rotorua PG Open 2017

The National Paragliding Ladder has been updated to reflect the results of the recent PG Open in Rotorua.

Congratulations to Louis Tapper who is now in top place.

National Champion, Grant Middendorf, has risen to second place, and Women's National Champion, Kinga Masztalerz has climbed to 27th.

Several overseas pilots have made it onto our ladder, some of them quite high up. If they do not renew their licenses then they will be removed, three months after their licenses expire.

The PCC thinks that there is much that can be done to improve the ladder calculations, as they currently put a lot of weighting on the most recent result (e.g. doing very well in the last task of the PGOpen will have a very dramatic result). We are considering many options for change in this area, including FTV, and including scoring the ladder based on comp position rather than individual tasks. Constructive and thought-out argumentation on this matter is welcome for consideration.

Meanwhile - good on ya, Louis. Unless there is a very short-notice regional comp then this is the final ladder state of the 2016/17 season.

You can download the whole ladder here