Louis Tapper Breaks NZ FAI Triangle Record

The New Zealand triangle record was broken by Louis Tapper from Queenstown in late November. What was 147.7km held by Bryan Moore, it now stands at 160.9km. It was Louis' first proper Cross Country flight since sustaining a broken arm in a paragliding incident over 3 months ago.
In a stunning week for xc flying at the end of November, Louis set a ‘ballsy’ course over the remote and mountainous terrain north of Queenstown where long walk-outs were a constant possibility.

"I'm just happy to be back in the game after the accident and am motivated as ever. I have been flying and planning triangles in the Shotover catchment for over 4 years now, so I was happy to have the right day and the right gear (Ozone ‘Zeno’) to pull it off. My skills, understanding of the weather and knowledge of the valley flows, are only now only catching up with the ideas I had been drawing on XC Planner over 3 years ago. Thanks to Glen Stephens for clarifying the Rules around flying triangles and who then encouraged several of us to head to Treble Cone for the start. Glen also flew an amazing flight that day to just surpass Bryan Moores' old triangle record. Glen flew a 149km triangle."

Support our Aussie mates on airspace

CASA ( the Aus equivalent of our CAA) are consulting on proposed changes to airspace that could impact severely on hang gliding and paragliding. If you have done, or are considering flying in Australia ( and let's face it who doesn't) please read the associated information and consider making a submission. There is an easy online survey that takes 10 mins to complete. https://www.hgfa.asn.au/news/blog/66-casa-proposal-for-multicom-frequency-usage-below-5000ft-and-expanded-ctaf-s

Another ‘Raging Success’ and Some!

The Southern Regional #2-2017 xc competition recently completed with about 20 pilots flying three tasks over three days in calm and sunny conditions in the spectacular Southern Alps at Wanaka. For pilots that made goal each day about 10 hrs of flying was accumulated over the competition.
By all accounts a fantastic event with challenging and high scoring tasks ably set by Louis Tapper, Grant Middendorf and Abe Laguna. Tasks 1 (60km) & Task 2 (83km) involved going deep up and into the West Matukituki Valley past Raspberry Flats, then back out across to the Buchanans, over to End Peak and beyond and back to TC. The last task (45km), which initially began under grey skies, was a challenging struggle to Mt Niger and back along the range to Mt Roy and finishing in Wanaka.
Louis Tapper took first prize over Tim Brown and Grant Middendorf. Kat west won it for the girls.

It was perhaps the highest scoring Regional task ever in New Zealand. Well done to all those that participated. Thanks to Tim Brown and Louis Tapper for organizing and conducting another ‘raging success’!